The Poetry Yurt - Fully Fabulous!

The Poetry Yurt is alive and well. Nestled in the trees in the Gabriola Commons lives the Poetry Yurt. Since this photo was taken we have added a beautiful studio floor and amazing, fully accessible ramp and walkway to the entrance!

The Poetry YurtThe purpose of the Yurt is to act as a workspace where artists can research, create, and develop new projects. The Poetry Yurt is a space to support artistic development, where the focus is on process rather than end-product. This is an important distinction, which allows artists to develop new works without the pressure of having to create a commercial product.

Currently the Yurt functions as a workshop space, teaching room, workroom, installation space and rehearsal studio, and is home to the fabulous Summer Inventions Creation Lab Series. We believe it is a valuable compliment to Gabriola's various fantastic performance venues.

The Yurt is a collaborative undertaking and a human enterprise. It is a community partnership with the Gabriola Commons and the British Columbia Arts Council, and has received great support locally from Arbutus Building Supplies, the Gabriola Recreation Society and the Regional District of Nanaimio. At the Commons, projects and activities are valued for qualities like health, sustainability, innovation, and communtiy engagement. Existing as it does, on the Gabriola Commons environment, the Poetry Yurt is within a community where it is safe to take risks and experiment.

The Poetry Gabriola Society is excited to be embarking on this journey and owes much to the Commons, the folks that donated time and energy to yurt erection and construction, and those that have donated resources to make it happen. There is more to do, and we are preparing to hold a fall "Yurt Warming" event to raise funds for insulation and heat so we can extend the yurt's productive season.

Many thanks to the members and supporters of this lovely project. Our future is bright and shining, and glows with creative hope, as does the Yurt when the sunlight hits it. Stay tuned for further updates and go to Gallery and check out the Yurt images.