Events This Week!!!

Festival Passes and Tickets now available! Purchase online, at the Island Book Shoppe, and at Artworks. Call 250-247-7604 or email for information.

Only 28 Festival Passes Left!!

Hi Members

This is just a note to let you know that as of today (Ot 28) there are only 28 4-day passes to the festival left!! I highly recommend dropping by the Island Book Shoppe or Artworks on Gabriola to purchase your pass - it is a great value and makes sure you get in to festival events. 

Poetry Gabriola Festival News!

Greetings Poets and Fans!

Print programs will be available next week, but in the meantime you can find a lot of information about the upcoming festival online. Check out the artist bios and photos at ARTISTS.

Enter to Win Sheila Norgate's Painting!

Gathering Painting

It's the Gallery Tour Weekend, and what better way to celebrate than THIS! 

Announcing the 7th Annual Poetry Gabriola Festival! November 11 -14

Welcome to the 7th Annual Poetry Gabriola Festival

Free Membership available to Arts Advocacy BC

The excellent organization  Arts Advocacy BC (AABC) is offering FREE introductory memberships to  for a limited time. AABC has invited Poetry Gabriola Members to sign up. If you are interested in arts advocacy in BC, this is a great organization to join.

AABC, which is less than a year old, is the only pan-BC organization focused solely on advocacy and serving both artist and non-artist members. We need an organization like that. The Alliance for Arts in Vancouver is great, but it mainly serves arts orgs/artists, is focused primarily on Vancouver, and does not concentrate solely on advocacy. AABC is a complementary organization, so you can belong to both. AABC is based on the model of a Washington State org. It already has board members from far-reaching areas of the province and it has the potential to gather a geographically diverse list of members from all corners of BC. It's outspoken yet professional.

This year AABC is temporarily willing to give people free introductory memberships to get the ball rolling.Poetry Gabirola is a friend of AABC and would like to help it expand further throughout BC. 

If you are interested in joining AABC please go to  .

Poetry Gabriola cut by $20,000 today

Poetry Gabriola Society received the official word today that our funding will be cut by the Province of BC by $20,000. What is truly bizarre, however, is that while all artistic endeavors and arts festivals have been cut from the program, the "Arts & Culture" section still funds "cowboy days". New blog at .

New Letter to Kevin Krueger

For those Poetry Gabriola members who have been following the arts advocacy campaign, I have sent a new letter to my pen-pal, Minister Kevin Krueger. It can be viewed on the PGS blog at .