Kaie Kellough

né in the way out west, kaie kellough has been based in montréal since ‘98. he is a bilingual author, editor, educator, & general word-sound systemizer. his bop-inflected vox & text syncopate canada’s solitudes. kaie has dubbed & inked his way from c to c, b.c. to q.c., n.s. to the u.s. kaie’s latest book is maple leaf rag (poetry, arbeiter ring publishing, april ‘10). he is the author of lettricity (cumulus press, ‘04). kaie & his work have been featured on cbc radio, zed tv, & bravo tv. kaie is now completing his first sound recording, titled vox versus. vox versus was recorded at hotel 2 tango studios in montréal. it features improvised conversations with other voices, digital effects, and instruments. the recording will be available in 2011.