Drek Daa


Drek Daa is an award winning poet, songwriter, CBC columnist, arts organizer, academic, and psychotherapist. He arrived in Canada from Poland in 1990, when he enrolled in his first ESL course. He did not leave school until 2006, when he received his PhD in Psychology from Simon Fraser University. Drek Daa started writing poetry in English in 2000, and since then has performed his poetry in all imaginable venues, winning, among other honors, the title of Canadian Individual Performance Poetry Co-Champion at the 2004 Canadian Spoken Wordlympics Festival. He was a subject of a 2004 full-length CBC documentary, and was Poet of Honour at the 2007 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Halifax. From 2005 to 2007, he was a weekly columnist for CBC Radio One as Drek Daa: That Polish Guy. Drek spent 2008 away from the stage and wrote a full-feature poetic film script, Paper Heart. In 2009 he was commissioned by the Poetry Gabriola Society to be a part of Canada Speaks: New Literary Performance Works By Twelve Canadian Artists.