Valentines Day Letter To Gabriola Island

Sheri-D Wilson

“You’re a Keeper”

At four a.m. – I think of the way you’re cut; space key

I think of your island cosmology, the way you slip in-slide of me; click

            inside my mind; how you turn me

unlock my door, unwind; interstellar sky

you enter the thoughts of me; third-eye

and we fly, at thirteen thousand feet


Like birds, eagle thoughts; an epic book; a soul

I am submerged in a silence I can barely hold, suspended

in a succulent surrender, an amethyst light bender

bold and musky and true; I unfold to you

updraft in the gold of you

sky birth; you are the core of my earth


Honey straight from the bee

feather of a bird set free

one kiss and I’m kinda crazy

I wanna run naked all over you

streak through your moon shadows


And I want to kiss your tidal lips; with the sun in my eyes

you touch without disguise

a lunar eclipse, spray of tide

I hold you amour, with a wide, open



And so you’ll know, we will never part

cause when I am with you, you turn me

into an Eros puddle on your shore

forever more, so I guess you could say

You’re a keeper!


This is February's letter from the Canada Speaks series. More about Sheri D Wilson