The Uses for Poetry

Naomi Beth Wakan

Who has not
at times of distress
sighed, groaned, cried
and let out an anguished
And at such times,
who has not written
"Why?" down a hundred times
and followed with
a plea of some kind
to make the trouble go away?
And, as the distress
takes form on paper,
who has not added
an urgent call for help?
In this way poems are made.


When the first robin returns
and the first green shoots
pierce through the earth,
who has not,
at such times,
sung out with optimism
that all will be well
with the earth some day,
and that lovers will find each other
and that neighborhoods will flourish?
At such times,
Who doesn't jot down a line
to record pleasure
at cool, clear mornings,
and radiant sunsets?
And perhaps a word, or two
is added to the page
that this day might possibly
turn out better than others.
And so, we find,
that in our joy
a poem has been born.

at such bitter and such sweet times
poetry has its uses, I find.

© Naomi Beth Wakan 2014