Pump Up The Volume

Candice James

Candice James is the Poet Laureate of New Westminister, and a new member of Poetry Gabriola.  -ed



Pump up the volume.

Pump up the volume!


The music flows,

Balancing on the raw red edge

Of a stiletto sharp note;

Sliding down the slippery blade

Of a suspended chord;

I cut them with the knives of my mind

Into little chunks of multi coloured glass.


They scratch at the spirit

And speak of symphonies

Fraught with strings,

Vibrating in rainbow tones;

Drums beating;

Hollowed out bones

On wet deerskin

Smacking rhythm into the soul.


Rasping roars,

Pounding pulsations,

Pistol whipped frenzy,

Scraping scars,

Oozing frequencies,

Dogs and cats whining,

Piercing pierced ears

With the numbing needle of noise.


Tripping on stones and tones,

Stumbling through infinity

Gentle voices emerge;

Misty flavoured,

Dripping with honey,

Whispering whisky wet kisses

Into every heartbeat.


Pump up the volume!

Pump up the volume,


Until I am the music.


© Candice James 2010