Love: the initiation

Janet Vickers

Broken. Not in but open.

The needled air unthreads the thread

the fabric you’ve worn

all your life.


Fire travels through your addictions

no longer fighting among themselves. 

Should, want, would—all done.


Control is not what you have.

What you have is panic,

rapture, as you watch

your own disembowelment.


It is not his fault. Or yours.

It is your compass that breaks

—the mind’s borders invaded

by a nameless galaxy.


And suddenly, briefly,

you hold in your arms

every planet that ever named itself

or was named


and your eyes swallow the sky



First published in “Even this Grey Dawn” (Canadian Unitarian Council 2010) and read at the “Love Poems & Chocolate Celebration” at The Island Book Shoppe February 13, 2011.


© Janet Vickers 2010