It's Yes

Drek Daa


We are animals. But we don’t live in forests any more. We live in houses.

When it is cold outside, we make it warm inside. When it is warm outside, we make it cold inside. When it is dark outside, we light it up inside. When it is bright outside, we pull shadows over our windows.

When it’s wet outside, it’s dry inside. When it’s dry, we use humidifiers to pump rain into our bedrooms. And so it goes.

When nature says ‘yes’ we say ‘no.’ When nature says ‘good’ we say ‘evil.’ We are contrarians. We don’t go with it. We go against it.

Until what’s outside no longer influences what’s inside. Except that we use what’s outside, to build thicker walls, into which we crawl like roaches, and multiply.

Now there is a lot of us. And to feed this mass, we turn everything into the means for our ends. We subjugate and kill everything, until there is nothing left to subjugate.

We’ve even subjugated light. We’ve captured light like we once captured fire. Now light is our number one slave.

We took photons prisoner, and jailed them in the claustrophobic channels of the net we’ve cast over this tired planet.

Cobweb of copper threads, in plastic sleeves that suffocate. Mirror-laced tubes light can’t escape.

Now even light is our property. We can switch it off and on.

We train photons to obey the human race, and we deploy them to invade each other’s brains.

The news is always bad. It’s atrocity hyper-condensed, and imprinted onto our brains.

We control each other by scaring each other to death. Scared people will do what they’re told. Scared people will do anything to feel safe. Scared people are easily enslaved.

We deploy light, to carry fear on its back, at the speed of light, in its on-off digital gallop, through the claustrophobic tunnels of the net we cast over this tired planet.

We’re all plugged directly into this net. We can be switched off and on. Click, click, click of remote control.  

Events no longer happen in a specific time and place. Nothing ever happens once. Every atrocity is multiplied billions of times. Every tsunami floods the whole world.

Our bodies are constantly assaulted. Endlessly stressed.

All this is too much to process. Too much to understand. We can’t afford to feel any more. Our TVs stay on. We switch ourselves off instead. We disconnect.

We sign our lives away to the banks. We take out mortgages on jail cells, where we keep ourselves locked away.

Hiding from the next scare. We all serve maximum sentences. It’s a twenty-five-year term. At five percent per year.

We’ve been squared. It’s all straight angle, straight line. The rooms we live in. The buildings. The city grid. Our brains.

Everything has been squared.

We build walls to separate our squared selves.

There is only one network: Fear Net. It’s being broadcasted right now inside your head.

We’re caught in this net like the last school of cod. Our gills trapped in the net’s eyes. Each eye a noose to fit a neck.

We suffocate, as we get schooled to weave the net more and more elaborate. Trained to fix any holes in the net.

We built a perfect prison nobody can escape.

There is no free-flowing water any more. It’s Alcatraz surrounded by an ocean of nets. The fantasy of freedom is

served to us in the troughs of our TV sets.

Commercials are the only good news these days.

Everything is on sale …