Handsomely Babble On All Fours Notwithstanding

David Bouvier (aka Don Coyote del Whalley )


—is as handsome

does not want to die

cast upon the waters

of Babylon is falling

down memory lain

to rest to sleep

perchance to dream

on your money or your

life in that order

of merit

rarely awarded off

by wreaths of garlic

cloven hooves unshod

but well-souled

to the man in the pork-pie hat's

off to you,sir, if I do

say it as shouldn't wonder

if it rained during a period

of unequalled prosperity

was just around the corner

store before

they built the mini-mauled

by a bear and grin it

just goes to show that you

never can Tel Aviv where

the bus got bombed out of

my mind how you go over

the matter with Glasgow

the rushes-oh my feet are

killing you should take

better care of Ideas

Box blippety-threeb Stationoid

Toronto MTV One Eye Owe

to my friends forever

and a day and a half-assed

half-pissed down all night

and me without the wherewithal

notwithstanding on all

four's a nice round number for

a square meal if you can

get it if you really

makes a difference

in the end comes

none too soon for some

too late for others

will babble on when you're gone, handsome—


© David Bouvier 2010