Haida Gwaii Where the Wild Wraps Around You

Colin Masson
Wild and kind, spirit strong
Wildness wraps around and around
In the northern coastland
Haida Gwaii again - and
I’m on a north sandy beach -
Its stretching long and lonely
And once again I’m walking
on sandy holes, shells and foam.
In the northern coastland
Where the wild wraps around you
Tall cedar trees – dripping green
Moss creeping down to
A river running dark, silent, but clean
Mysterious water, but ever hopeful me
Roll-cast fly, positioned true
Sangan River, serene.
In the northern coastland
The wild wraps around
And the wind blows mist
Up and through Tow Hill and me
While the wild wind wraps around,
in the northern coastland
Shouting at the waves
You feel them pounding on your soul
Crashing then pulling, swirling and sucking
– ground pounding, again, then again
and you so small
Where the wild wraps around you
In the northern coastland
Seeing it all
From on top of that hill
I’m eyeing an eagle, screech and call
From her lookout – hey, she knows her place
Watching for a sign
And waiting,  - for life’s exchange.
Death is life - it connects, never ends
In the northern coastland
Where the wild wraps around you 
The wild wraps around you
My native friend
He’s telling me, how its going to be
For him and the elders,
for all and me
Here, here where the wild wraps around
his northern homeland
So now,
Even though far away,
Just close your eyes and
Listen,  listen to the harsh
and listen to the gentle – windy moan
While the wild wraps around.
See the moisture glisten
while mist soaks steadily through
the wild surrounds you
But know that the heart of it all
Beats on and on and on
It comforts and connects you true
In the north coastland
- where the wild wraps around you.
Wild wind wraps you in
This spirit strong song.
The wild wraps around you 

© Colin Masson 2012