Good Morning

Patsy Ludwick

In 2008, Gabriola poet and playwright Patsy Ludwick pitched us an idea that would allow the PGS festival audience to add its voice to the line-up of scheduled performers. The project was called Post All Poems, and consisted of a series of bulletin board "poem galleries" that were placed at festival venues all over the island. With help from Margy Gilmour and the Gabriola Arts Council, Patsy looked after these on-site installations of hand-written poems, drawings, and festival observations. The project was a hit, ultimately yielding dozens of poems from our members. We've been trying to think of a way to bring back the billboards ever since. We hope CORVUS will serve that function, and ultimately become an evolving gallery of poems by our members, artist alumni, and supporters.



Patsy Ludwick:

For me, art is simply one way to perceive the world around us, and the artist's job is to help others share that point of view — Emily Carr's "fresh seeing." Here's a poem that was delivered right to my friend's door, wrapped up in the Times-Colonist. I call it Dear Reader, but the poet herself didn't need a title.


Good morning


I am wondering

if you would mind

saving the rubber bands

I put around your newspaper


You could just put them out

for me once in a while

It would be greener

that way, thanks




© Patsy Ludwick 2010