The Garden

Derek Dickson

The most beautiful of flowers we see need patience, care and tenderness. Eventually all that is  wondrous inside blossoms and becomes one of the world's gifts to us all. For many, when we are young, our skills in the garden have not yet come of age and our patience and attention seems to be placed elsewhere. It seems a pity at the beginning; because so many beautiful flowers are lost to the winds of indifference, only as we age do we hone our talents properly. One of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen is the purity of a youthful heart.

                                                   Other lessons in life come our way and at the time look as if all is lost, we meet people whose aura tells us inside that we can heal issues or fears from our past. It is not the way the message is supposed to be read. These lost souls grip us in a way where we cannot let go and we become confused, fearful and lost again on our path. Our hearts alight with fire at the beginning and we give all, hoping for some in return. We feel pain again and rejection...But still with these we try to solve all problems. The message is that we recognize those on a similar path as our own and realize that  we are not alone...not that we have to walk the same path again and again. Earth hopes that we eventually become learned and strong from these, self assured and healthy inside, only then can we share in nurturing the seeds that will give us a beautiful garden.


© Derek Dickson 2012