The End: Part II

Jessica Millikan

You told me that I reminded you
Of one of those Disney Princesses
That sleeps their whole lives
And you could never be the Prince Charming that wakes me up,
(Although we definitely practiced the kiss at every opportunity)

My constant comeback was that I never bought into that gendered brainwash bullshit
And that maybe we just could never understand each other.

Like when we were
In the backseat of your mother’s Monte Carlo
Taking turns to touch
To search in the dark
Black as India ink blots
Testing our interpretations of love

Like when there were flashing lights-
Police questioning
Lies fly from your lips like confetti
And the snow sprinkled all around
Like all of the cover stories to come


Like when I returned home
To you in the fetal position
You reeking of cheep beer and cigarettes
Crying about how you can’t be a man


What makes a man?
     A rock
     An island
     A shoulder
     A hand


So when I told you that I don’t fucking care how your day was
I actually meant I want out


And I realized
I woke up after one hundred years of sleep.


© Jessica Millikan 2012