Announcing the 8th Annual Poetry Gabriola Festival

Announcing the 8th Annual Poetry Gabriola Festival

February 16 - 19, 2012

Poetry Gabriola had an amazing year in 2011 with the creation of the Poetry Yurt at the Commons and a full summer program of performance labs.

Creation Labs Knocking our Socks Off

The Summer Inventions Creation Labs are truly delivering the unexpected. May Moore's songwriting lab was SOLD OUT with a dozen Gabriolans composing and performing new songs. Wow! What an experience!

The Yurt - A Good News Story

Poetry Gabriola cut $20,000 by province of BC


It's official - our festival budget has been cut by $20,000 

Yes, on the day after the BC arts community received the good news that the BC gov't would be restoring a portion of funding to the BC Arts Council, Poetry Gabriola received the official word that we will lose the $20,000 community gaming funding that has supported our infrastructure for the past three years. This was hardly a surprise, as all arts funding (with the exception of some programs dedicated to youth and children) has been cut from the community gaming program (formerly Direct Access).

What we do find completely BIZARRE, however, is the fine print. There is a sub-section under the Arts & Culture granting program that distributes grants to "Fairs, Festivals, and Museums". Eligible festivals include "fall fairs, rural fairs, and cowboy days" while Ineligible festivals include "Performing arts festivals, storytelling festivals, media and visual arts festivals".

So the provincial Arts & Culture section of community gaming has systematically excised all actual artistic endeavor - performing arts, literary arts, visual and media arts festivals -  from its eligibility criteria, but is still willing to fund "cowboy days".

Anyone who knows me knows I have nothing against cowboys.  (Really. I  learned to throw a diamond hitch over a set of pack boxes when I was sixteen. In fact, some of my best friends are cowboys.)

But as one of our board directors asked after reviewing the guidelines, " So ...this government only funds festivals in which animals are harmed?"

Yeah, animals and artists.

To check out this wacko eligibility criteria, go to and click the pdf link under "eligibility criteria summary"

Minister Krueger is my Pen Pal


Dear Barbara McDonald and Kevin Krueger,

Thank you for replying to my letter.

I have spent the past decade dedicating thousands of hours to building a professional festival and now am proud to say that the Poetry Gabriola Festival is the second largest literary performance festival in Canada. Our team has worked very hard to create a festival that has high production values, pays professional fees to artists, has an excellent membership base, and an enthusiastic audience.

At a time when BC Arts Council funding has been significantly cut over the past two years, and most arts organizations are no longer eligible to apply for community gaming grants, many organizations are feeling severely lacerated. People who have spent their entire careers building the arts in BC have lost their organizations, their jobs, and their homes.

Do you really think that this is a good time to invent an entire new slate of festivals?

A professional arts festival is not a box of instant mashed potatoes: you can't just add money and have a result. 

I strongly object to $3 million going to public tender to fund a series of festivals that will be produced by anyone who promises to put something together by February.  Any responsible arts organization budgets at least a year in advance and would find it impossible to put together a festival based on a policy whim. It takes years to build a festival, just as it takes years to build a track record and an audience. Unfortunately, it takes a much shorter time to demolish these things.

Furthermore, no consideration has been given to existing festivals, nor were they consulted, prior to the decision to launch this campaign. Any festival slated to produce in the first week of March will be severely impacted by a sudden "BC Spirit Festival" arriving in their community. This is particularly true in smaller communities, islands, and places where the limited population base translates to a limited number of ticket sales in a given quarter.

As far as the growing politicization of the arts to promote a Liberal agenda, I entreat you to heed Spencer Herbert's letter:

I can tell you, Minister Krueger, that many artists of all disciplines, organizers, technicians, and other  creative sector workers are pulling up stakes and moving to other provinces. There is a general feeling of dismay in the community as people watch everything they have worked for over the last 30 years being systematically dismantled by provincial government policy that is unfriendly to our industry.

I understand that the intention behind the BC Spirit Festival is being sold as "good". I appreciate that the Ministry of Culture may be taking this step in an effort to support the arts in British Columbia. I propose, however, that it is a misguided step, and urge you to re-think the investment of the legacies money. Please consider redirecting it to the hundreds of arts organization that have been building an arts legacy for the past three decades, and that are currently under threat because of recent cuts.

Sincerely yours,

Hilary Peach

Artistic Director, Poetry Gabriola Society

BC Liberals Clarify Propaganda Festival Plan


July 29, 2010

Earlier this month I passed on a story by Janet Smith (The Georgia Straight) outlining how the BC Liberals, having slashed arts funding to an unprecedented degree, are now planning to produce a series of new festivals across the province in the three years preceding the next provincial election. Dubbed "B.C. Spirit Festivals" these new events will take place in February 2011, ostensibly as a way to "commemorate the Olympic spirit". It will also be an attempt by the government to repair the appalling optics that have resulted from the Liberals' horrific treatment of the arts and culture sector over the past two years.

Independent arts organizations and professional festivals will not be eligible to apply to this program, (which is funded by $3 million of the paltry $10 million set aside for arts festivals funding in the last budget) and awards will only go to community arts councils and aboriginal cultural organizations. So while this is good news for local Arts Councils, Band Councils and Friendship Centres, established festivals and professional arts organizations that have been impacted by funding cuts in the past two years are once again left out of the running. One can only hope that the organizations that are successful in obtaining funding through this program will produce festivals that are inclusive of other organizations and are not shy of political content. My hope is that the resultant festival events frankly discuss the current situation in the arts instead of pandering to the funding bodies.... Here's an update from the Georgia Straight, and links to the original story.



Liberals clarify B.C. Spirit Festivals plan to arts groups

By Janet Smith

The province has confirmed details about the controversial new B.C. Spirit Festivals it is funding out of the $10 million arts Legacy money in its last budget.

In an announcement released today, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts said $3 million will be directed toward the February festivals.

The events are meant to "renew the pride and excitement British Columbians experienced during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games," arts and tourism minister Kevin Krueger stated in the release.

The program will be administered by the Assembly of BC Arts Councils, with support from the BC Arts Council. Grants will be handed out based on population, providing up to $50,000 to produce festivals in communities. Applications will be chosen through a "peer-review process", according to the release.

Those applications will be accepted from August 1 to October 6, 2010. There is also a hint in the release that any leftover money may flow to festivals already in place: "after this initial intake, support may be available for festivals that embody the vision of BC Spirit, and take place throughout 2011."

Word of the festivals has raised the ire of the arts community, which is facing drastic funding cuts.

Aside from seeing the loss of almost all funding from gaming, local arts groups are also seeing major cuts to core funding. In the provincial budget at the beginning of March, it was announced that there would be $10 million given to arts as part of an Olympics legacy. But because the announcement came at the same time as cuts to core funding and gaming grants, arts groups have called for the $10 million to be given to the arm’s length B.C. Arts Council to hand out to groups.

When he got wind of the Spirit festivals, NDP culture critic Spencer Herbert Chandra noted the irony of funding such new events when so many festivals are suffering from funding cuts. “They’ve eviscerated the B.C. Arts Council by cutting them by 50 percent, they’ve decimated gaming funding. People just want stable funding for the arts, distributed by a jury process,” he told the Straight. “I hope these are not going to be government propaganda festivals." (See story at

Full details on the program are at

Liberals Pillage Remaining Arts Funding

July 12, 2010

Way back when we learned that the BC Liberal government was planning to cut arts funding in BC by up to 92% (they settled for around 80%) all kinds of weird things were going on. Among them, Gaming was supposed to be administrating the BC Arts Council awards; multi-year Direct Access commitments were, then weren't, then were, now aren't, being honoured; Direct Access funds and Bingo grants were amalgamated into Community Gaming Grants; and money was being transferred around between fiscal years and programs in an elaborate shell game to make it look as though the funding was still there. It was confusing, and gave the impression that nobody really knew what was going on. Recent developments suggest that somebody in government knew exactly what was going on and is now preparing to hijack $10 million of what little funding remains.

During the sudden (as in zero notice to organizations affected) restructuring of provincial arts funding the Direct Access Gaming program was annihilated, but a very small amount was eventually restored, earmarked for "youth programs, and fairs, festivals and museums". Fairs? Since when did arts funding include "fairs"? A prevailing paranoia lingered in the aftermath of the laceration of hundreds of small organizations. We were all justifiably suspicious. "They're going to hold trade fairs", I predicted. "They are going to have some weird corporate business development get-together at the Pan Pacific Hotel and fund it with the last shreds of arts funding and say this money was meant to be used for fairs". So far my prediction has not come true, but there is a more sinister plan emerging - more diabolical than even I could invent.

The only silver lining in the new arts funding plan was a $10 million Arts Legacy Fund that the BC Liberals repeatedly pointed at as an example of their support for arts and culture. A recent Georgia Straight article by Janet Smith reveals that the Arts and Culture Minister, Kevin Krueger, intends to use this money to fund something called "BC Spirit Festival Days". This is to be an elaborate government-controlled multi-community "festival" to run in the three years leading up to the next provincial election. Which means that this money will not necessarily be available to established arts organizations, professional artists or cultural workers. NDP MLA and culture critic Spencer Chandra Herbert speculates that we may be looking at a series of "government propaganda festivals". 

Is this a hair of the dog after the olympic hangover? Have the BC Liberals decided to go into the arts and culture business? Or is it a quick and easy way to siphon 10 million bucks out of the cultural sector and into a long-term election campaign...?

For the Georgia Straight Article by Janet Smith go to:

The First Blog

We've been leaping ahead at Poetry Central - Wreford in the control room has been talking me through all sorts of technological advancements - which for a 'phobe like me is pretty spectacular. This month we have set up the new CMS operating system for the website (thanks to the Legacies Now Catalyst Program for that), improved the newsletter, created the new online magazine called CORVUS, reposted  slide-shows to the gallery, updated the Canada Speaks project and - get this - made a new BLOG. We made these changes hoping to open up the communications lines with our memberships, so you can respond and be a part of the conversation. This could be fun...

Stay Tuned

We'll be periodically posting opinions, tips, and rants here about the poetry world and Gabriola, and especially giving further insight into our programming and performers.
Thanks, come back soon!