Ravin' Ravens For The Caws - The Art Draw Is Back!


Poetry Gabriola's much lauded Raven Art Draw has returned in 2012 - offering the opportunity to win incredible works of art including original pieces by Sheila Norgate, Jeff Molloy, Stephen Reid, and others. Prize pieces include:

* Sheila Norgate’s painting, Social Climber.  The source for our 2012 festival poster, this gorgeous painting features one of Sheila’s signature corvids in flight. Painting is acrylic on paper, 8” x 10” framed.

*Raven Drum by Stephen Reid. This spectacular drum was crafted for Poetry Gabriola by novelist Stephen Reid at William Head Penitentiary, where he currently resides. The former leader of The Stopwatch Gang, of Anishinabe Ojibwe ancestry, has been the subject of many films and documentaries including, most recently, The Fifth Estate’s, “My Friend the Bankrobber.” He is the author of Jackrabbit Parole; a collection of his prison essays, The Art of Dying in Prison, will be published in 2012.  The Drum is 20 inches in diameter, made from elk hide with spun sinew ties. The frame is hand-milled juniper salvaged off the beach at William Head. The raven design is by Curtis Mackie of Alert Bay.

* Two beautiful raven paintings by Gabriola's Jeff Molloy!!!

How To Enter

To win fabulous art and support the Poetry Gabriola Festival at the same time, simply make a donation of $20 (or more) and fill out an entry form. Entries can be made at Artworks in the Village, at the Gabriola festival, by mail, or online at www.poetrygabriola.com. The Ravin' Raven Art Draw will take place Sunday evening, February 19, at the festival.