Creation Labs Knocking our Socks Off

The Summer Inventions Creation Labs are truly delivering the unexpected. May Moore's songwriting lab was SOLD OUT with a dozen Gabriolans composing and performing new songs. Wow! What an experience!

The following week Victor Anthony's All Day Photo Shoot was at capacity - SOLD OUT - with 21 participants creating portraits with Victor. This intense session barely allowed Victor time to eat his lunch - but he certainly had time to shoot some fabulous pictures. Check out his daily photo log for some samples at . Portraits can be viewed at 5:00pm at the yurt, after the Pacifcana Renga workshop on Sunday, July 17th.

The Pacificana Renga Workshop with Sonja Arntzen, Michael Dylan Welch, and Vicki McCulloch on Sunday July 17th is SOLD OUT.

There is still room in the rest of the creation labs, but they are proving to be pretty popular so we recommend early registration to make sure you get a spot. The next available lab is:


#5  Soulful Ceramics: Commemorating the Sinner and/or Saint in You (aka: Out Demons, Out !)  with Mariko McCrae

Sunday July 24th

There is a Patron Saint for everything...a Saint for Throat Ailments, a Saint for Ice Skaters, a Saint for Dentists and even a Patron Saint of Difficult Marriage. Likewise, there’s a little bit of sinner in all of us...perhaps something your saintly side battles deeply? Together we’ll discover, debate and dig up that which calms you and/ or drives you crazy. The ceramic medium will be our artistic vehicle choice to explore, dredge up the depths and heights of our own humanity. No experience necessary but a sense of humour is mandatory.

To register please send your name and contact information to the following email address


Sad NOTE: The August 21st performance of It's A Bee, Honey! with Baby Dee, presented by the Gabriola Theatre Festival, has been cancelled, as has the August 19th bee puppet-making lab.