This is the archive of the 2007 Poetry Gabriola Festival. For information on the current festival, start at the home page.

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Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

Poetry Gabriola would like to thank everyone who gave so generously of their time and energy so this festival could happen. Particularly, we wish to thank The Surf Lodge, The Haven, The Roxy, Gabriola Artworks, Fascinating Rhythm, the Gabriola Sounder, Imperfectionists, Paprika Design, Eyes Wide Open Photography, Kathy Ramsey, Louise Amuir, Stephen Bertholet, Leah Hokanson, Dinah D., Margy Gilmour, Nina Turczyn, Kelly Price, Yasue Carlson, Sumiko Nishizawa, Tina Jones, Kate Wood, Audrey Keating, Sue York, Hilary Peach, Sonja Arntzen, Naomi Wakan, Alex Varty, Ingrid Weiss, Susan Yates, Charlotte Cameron, Liz Cicocea, all the artists, our fabulous volunteers; a very special thanks to the poets at the Gathering Place, and to you, the audience, for spending some time with us.

Production Team: Nina Turczyn, Hilary Peach, Tina Jones, and Kate Wood
photo by Bruce Mason